Beaver Creek, Colorado

We were able to visit Beaver Creek in December of 2020. I am happy to say that the mask regulations and social distancing added to our safety and comfort, but did not take away from our amazing week. I wanted to share some of our restaurant experiences. If you have been to Beaver Creek and have a favorite restaurant please share in the comments.


First up is a pizza joint, I mean who doesn’t want a warm slice of pizza after skiing all day? Blue Moose Pizza is a must. We were seated inside an empty restaurant, secondary to COVID restrictions, and we felt very comfortable and safe. There was one other party seated around the corner in another part of the restaurant. There was a hostess, a couple of servers and a bartender working in the restaurant all wearing their masks to protect restaurant patrons. We wore our masks to our table and took them off to enjoy our drinks and food. We came in with a party of 9, including 5 kiddos, and with this many kids an extra-large cheese pizza with 5 sprites were in order. The adults ordered drinks at the same time and then looked at the menu. We decided on a large mushroom and pepperoni pizza, a meatballs sandwich and a couple slices of cowboy pizza, with a side of fries. The kid’s pizza came out in under 10 minutes and our little skiers chowed down. They really seemed to work up an appetite, flying down the mountain and they finished the entire pizza. The adults enjoyed their craft beers and their food came out soon after the kid’s pizza. This food was amazing. The pizza was the perfect temperature, with the sauce being very flavorful, and the crust being super soft, everything that we love in a pizza. The price was very reasonable for Beaver Creek, as we found that most things are very pricy at this resort, compared to neighboring resorts. Overall, Blue Moose Pizza is a must. We love that they are taking many precautions to follow all COVID guidelines and protect their staff and guests. They have limited tables to sit and eat at and pizza available to go, by the slice, for those that want to grab lunch and continue skiing. We gave The Blue Moose 5/5 Perfect Stars. 

Rimini Café is a little Parisian café located at the base of the Beaver Creek Resort. We stopped in for hot cocoa and left with two cups of amazing gelato, a turkey and swiss baguette sandwich and a large milk chocolate mocha latte. This place is a little bit pricy for a family, however the quality of the food here is worth it. I had two of my three children with me and they ordered birthday cake and bubble gum gelato. This was a hard decision as there are at least 20 flavors of gelato in an amazing display. Other flavors included cookies and cream, peach sorbet, coconut, caramel, and Gatorade sorbet. There is a little something for everyone. I also am a huge fan of a fresh baguettes, so I was so excited for that sandwich. I frequently make fresh baguettes at home, but I also never pass up a chance to order a baguette sandwich. This was perfect, ordered dry, as I do not like a soggy sandwich, but topped with tomatoes, romaine lettuce, fresh turkey, a little olive oil, and swiss cheese. It was truly the perfect lunch and at $19, I was able to eat half and save the other half for my husband who was busy skiing. It was a bit pricey, as most restaurants are at the base of Beaver Creek, however the food was well worth the price. Lastly, I ordered my milk chocolate latte, with whipped cream and marshmallows. This was exactly what momma needed to warm up and keep up with these little skiers. I would love to go back and try their other sandwiches including the Capri sandwich with fresh cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. If you need a little break, make sure you stop in and grab some yummy goodies. We gave this Café 4/5 Perfect Stars

Last but not least is the Dusty Boot. This restaurant/bar is at one end of the Village. It has a little something for everyone, warm chips and salsa, fresh salads, burgers, sandwiches and many house specialties.  We ordered take out from this restaurant, as the wait to sit and eat was very long. This also allowed our tired children to stay home after a very long day of skiing. If you are looking for a place with a little something for everyone, this is it. For starters, we recommend the warm pretzel bites and queso and the buffalo chicken ranch loaded tots. If that wasn’t enough, try the crunchy boot nachos with steak and guac. The entrees are huge and if you are not wanting leftovers, possibly split an entrée with someone. We were able to enjoy our leftovers the next night. If you are looking for a salad, order the Thai salad, that comes with avocados, mangos, crispy wontons and an amazing vinaigrette. If you are looking for a cheat day meal, try the fat burger, which comes with two onion rings piled atop of Applewood bacon and bleu cheese. If sandwiches are your thing, try the French dip, which you can make into a wrap for no charge. If you are searching for an exceptional dinner after a long day of skiing, try looking at the house specialty plates, these include lemon chicken, seared tuna steak, and mahi-mahi fish tacos. Do you still have room for dessert? May we suggest the homemade cheesecake that is chef’s kiss, with the creamy consistency and a mouthful of flavor in each bite. Overall, this restaurant was above and beyond our expectations of a roadhouse grill. Make sure you give yourself time to sit and enjoy this meal in between your ski runs. We gave the Dusty Boot 4/5 Perfect


At the base of the slopes there is restaurant called Powder 8 Kitchen and Tap. There is generally indoor seating with plenty of tables for skiers to sit and warm up with a hot cocoa or a cocktail. However, all the tables had been put away secondary to COVID. There are plenty of tables and chairs outside the Tap House near a huge firepit, with plenty of space to spread out and socially distance from others. There is a large variety of hot and cold cocktails, however we wish there was a larger variety of snacks and quick meals. We gave the Powder 8 Kitchen 3/5 Perfect Stars.


We sure hope this helps your decision on where to grab a bite to eat at Beaver Creek Village. All of the restaurants within walking distance to the slopes are easy to get to. We would drop our skis off at the base of the mountain and come back to pick them up after our meal.  There are locations to check your skis and snowboards in, if you are worried about someone taking them, however we never used this service. We hope you enjoy your stay at Beaver Creek and are able to stop by some of our favorite restaurants.