Our family has traveled to Glenwood Springs from the Denver area every fall for many years. You could call this our happy place. It is a place where we can sit back and enjoy the beauty of Colorado, at the same time connect with one another.


We absolutely love The Hotel Glenwood Springs. The hotel where you can, “stay where you play.” This hotel is located within walking distance to the main hot springs, downtown dining and entertainment, as well as begin next door to the Iron Mountain Tram. There is a newer walkway, built in 2019, that crosses over I-70. It is safe, well-lit and accessible to all, with elevators at either end for those with walkers, wheelchairs or strollers. This walkway allows for a quick way to walk from the hotel to the restaurants and bars in downtown Glenwood Springs.

There are four floors to this hotel, with pets staying on one floor. The rooms available are double queen rooms, king rooms, king jacuzzi rooms, king suite and a king master suite. We always stay in the king suite that has a king size bed and a set of bunk beds separated by a bathroom. There are hardwood floors in the rooms where pets are allowed, which ensures a safe and sanitary clean every time. There is also a microwave and small refrigerator which stores leftovers well. The king suite is plenty of room for our family of three kiddos and our pup.

As mentioned, this hotel has a little something for every member of your family including accommodations for your family pup. We love to take our dog camping; however, it is rare that our dog is able to come to hotels with us. “Torren the wonder dog,” accompanied us on this trip. She was very excited as she loves this hotel. Torren is welcomed with puppy treats and a welcome sign. This hotel goes out of its way to be accommodating to all types of dogs with no limits on the weight of the dog. This is so nice especially for families that have older dogs that are unable to stay home alone. Upon entering the lobby, to the right of the check in counter, you will see a sign with your dog’s name on it, welcoming them to the hotel. It’s a fun way to see what other doggies are staying at the hotel. The hotel will also loan you doggy bowls for their food and water, in case you forget your own. There is a nice dog run on the outside of the hotel property that is a perfect place to allow your pet to relieve themselves. Lastly, the hotel cleaning staff is aware that there is a dog in the room and will take extra care to ensure the room is cleaned properly during your stay.

We love that this hotel is very family friendly. It has an indoor splash pad and waterpark, which is the only indoor one in Glenwood Springs. It has a small slide for children roughly 4 years and under as well as a larger water slide for children 6 years of age and up. Please keep in mind that there is no lifeguard on duty, so always have eyes on your children and family members. There is a rain tree and basketball hoop area near the shallow end of the pool and a large jacuzzi in the corner area of the pool. An indoor pool is the ideal set up for the year-round unpredictable Colorado weather. Our family travels in the middle of fall and the weather can range from 60-30 degrees with snow. There can be snow in June and 70-degree weather in the winter, so be prepared when traveling to the mountains of Colorado.

The Hotel Glenwood Springs strives to make this family experience the best ever. The hotel will give your family a free pizza with up to five toppings and a brand-new board game, for staying three nights with them. Our family took advantage of this deal the last night we stayed and chose the game Sorry. The pizza was cooked on site, right outside of the pool area, and was the perfect temperature for our children. We ate our pizza in the hotel lobby while playing our new game. Once we finished our pizza, we headed back to the pool for our final night at the pool.

Another added benefit of staying at this hotel is the amazing buffet breakfast that includes a waffle station, hard boiled eggs, cereal, bagels, yogurt and fresh fruit. There is also fresh coffee and a juice bar to start your morning right. There are plenty of tables for families to sit and watch the morning news. Our last visit was pre COVID and we have not seen the buffet set up post COVID. We will be heading back to the hotel October of 2021 so we will definitely update when we find out.

I talked about the location above, however I wanted to mention it once more. The hotel is connected to the Iron Mountain Tram, the two share a parking lot. The tram will take you to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, which is an entire day’s worth of fun activities. The Caverns are breathtaking and touring both caverns can take you most of the morning. Be sure to save time to explore the rest of the Adventure Park that includes an alpine slide, a high-flying roller coaster, and a giant swing sending you high over the canyon. There is another blog dedicated to this park, so be on the look out for that.

We hope you enjoyed a brief about our time at The Hotel Glenwood Springs. We absolutely love this hotel and will continue to come back year after year. The drive also is one of our favorites curving through the Rocky Mountains and passing through places such as Vail and Idaho Springs. It is such a perfect getaway from Denver, being only 3 hours away. We love to hear what our followers are up to so please leave any comments and questions below. Lately, please be sure to check out our corresponding YouTube video about Glenwood Springs at Perfect Misadventures.