Beach Restaurants Near Indian Rocks Beach

We always love to review the food of the amazing places that we travel to. The restaurants we visited in the St. Petersburg area, had amazing food with even better atmospheres.



The Original Crabby Bills, Indian Rocks Beach

Our family loved The Original Crabby Bills located across the street from our hotel, in Indian Rocks Beach. This restaurant was a hotel recommendation and we could not wait to check it out. There is a large outdoor patio, a dedicated takeout spot with merchandise, as well as indoor seating. We went on a Thursday and there was not a band playing, however as we drove by on Friday and Saturday nights there was a band with large crowds. If you plan to visit on the weekend, plan accordingly.

The adults in our family love seafood and our oldest child loves shrimp. He loves fried shrimp, grilled shrimp, shrimp tacos, shrimp cocktail, all the shrimp…….you get the idea. He was in heaven with a basket of fried shrimp and French fries, seasoned perfectly and served crisp. Our family also ordered grilled shrimp, blackened salmon, and crab cakes. The littles in our family shared a basket of chicken tenders and we had five very happy family members. The service was amazing, with all staff visible wearing masks. The guests were not social distancing; however, the rules were to wear masks when you were up from your table. This was followed by less than 50% of the guests, we sat at a table 6 feet from other tables and were comforted that we were outside, which greatly decreases the spread of COVID. Overall, we gave Crabby Bills 4/5 Perfect Stars

Slyce, Indian Rocks Beach

Who doesn’t love pizza? It is the one food that is easy to order, we know our kids will eat, and we will all eat the leftovers. So, we love to try new local pizza joints whenever we travel. Slyce in Indian Rocks Beach, did not disappoint. While vacationing in Florida, we always tried to sit outside. We were able to sit at a high-rise table for five at the outdoor bar, 6 feet away from other guests. There were fans blowing and we felt comfortable dining. The staff was very friendly wearing masks and following their social distancing guidelines.

After we sat, my husband was able to order a craft beer. We ordered a large cheese pizza for our kiddos, a small mushroom pepperoni pizza, garlic knots and the wagon wheel which was a brie wheel covered in brown sugar, dried cranberries and slivered almonds. The kids were able to enjoy coloring and tic tac toe games, before our food arrived. The garlic knots, brie wheel and kid’s pizza arrived first. We thought we would have the garlic knots to just the adults, but boy were we wrong. Our kids jumped on these and we could have easily eaten another plate. The brie was absolutely amazing cooked to the perfect gooey temperature with several dipping choices, including bread, apples, grapes and crackers. The brown sugar and cranberries were the perfect topping choices. Our children can easily eat two pieces of pizza and today our oldest two children ate three. The kiddos easily ate the entire large cheese pizza and told us how much they loved it. Lastly, our two topping pizza arrived after we ate our appetizers. This was a smaller pizza which my husband and I split. It was the perfect size and we had no leftovers. We ate everything. Overall, we gave Slyce, 5/5 Perfect Stars. This was the perfect pizza night with excellent service.


Jimmy hula’s, Clearwater Beach Florida

We stumbled upon this restaurant after a day at Clearwater Beach, another must visit. This restaurant blew us away. We went for an early dinner and the restaurant was empty except for one other party, who sat 50 feet away. The whole front of the restaurant was open air and we sat relatively close to this. The staff was absolutely amazing and wore masks the entire time. The server was fantastic, very knowledgeable about the menu, amazing drinks and overall great with our kids. We quickly put in kid’s orders of cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets, with fries and a large fishbowl drink for my husband, considering it was Fishbowl Friday.

 She brought the kids their sprite and my hubs his fish bowl drink, which was just so pretty to look at. It was literally served in a small fishbowl. The adults ordered tacos, which are best described as food nirvana, these tacos are what this restaurant is known for. Think fried shrimp, grilled steak, cheddar cheese, fries, voodoo sauce, avocado, and pico, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. Another fabulous taco we tried was the Buffalo Caesar, which included crispy Buffalo chicken, romaine lettuce, tomato, and Caesar dressing. If you are a taco connoisseur you need to try this restaurant that has several locations in Florida. The kid’s meal also came with a fresh baked cookie and the server was very careful to give the cookie to the adults first, ensuring the kids ate their meal. Two thumbs up for that service. My husband was able to enjoy a second fishbowl, before we closed out our tab. We were one block from the beach and with full bellies headed that way, for a sunset walk on the pier. Overall, this restaurant had excellent service, amazing food, a great atmosphere and followed all COVID guidelines; 5/5 Perfect Stars.

Tropical Ice Cream and Coffee

After a long day at the beach, what is better than ice cream? At Tropical Ice Cream and Coffee, there are over 100 different flavors of ice cream and sorbets. This little shop has friendly staff, outdoor seating, and is conveniently located across the street from Indian Rocks Beach. This place is so amazing that people drive from Tampa for a special treat. We were the only guests in the shop and had an absolute blast picking out flavors for 5 cones with 2 scoops per cone! Mom really loved the red velvet, as she loves everything with those two words in the title. Dad chose the best butter pecan that had the best sweet and salty caramel swirls throughout. The kiddos loved their bubble gum, cotton candy, and birthday cake flavors, because who doesn’t. If you are feeling adventurous and heroic try the Superman flavor. If you are classic try the Rum raisin, a popular flavor among the locals. If you are dairy free, they have an ice cream for you. If you are a human that loves ice cream, you need to make a stop. We cannot talk about restaurants without mentioning the COVID guidelines. Unfortunately, secondary to COVID there are no ice cream samples, the good news is that you cannot go wrong with any flavor here. There is a strict mask mandate inside the store with no exceptions. It’s a smaller shop, so this is necessary to keep the guests and the staff safe. Finally, they are limiting the number of guests inside the store to ensure social distancing rules. Overall, we chose to give Tropical Ice Cream and Coffee 5/5 Perfect Stars. This is well deserved and we cannot wait to visit this shop again.


Café de Paris

We read reviews about this amazing Café while flying to Tampa. The Café de Paris had raving reviews from tourists and locals.  They were known for their French pastries and their delicious coffee.  We actually tried to go here on a Saturday morning, roughly around 10. This was not the best idea, as it was packed. There were guests inside and outside all enjoying their breakfast. There was also a line outside the door and down the block of guests waiting for their turn to enter the building, secondar to the COVID conscious capacity guidelines. When an establishment is this packed, we knew there was something special. We did not have the time to wait on a Saturday, however we decided to come back on Sunday morning prior to opening.

We pulled into the parking lot the next day and we were the first in line. We all had our masks on and were ready for a great breakfast. At opening, we were able to enter and view the amazing baked goods. My goodness, the collection of fresh baked cookies, pies, tarts, macaroons, and beautiful croissants was overwhelming. We definitely came hungry, as seen when we ordered.  My husband ordered the bacon and mushroom quiche and I the spinach, parmesan and garlic. These had the best flaky crust with a perfect amount of cheese. All three kiddos ordered crepes, one Nutella, one mixed fruit and one banana, all topped with fresh whipped cream. The crepes are all made to order and make the perfect breakfast treat. We were able to order a box of cookies to go including macaroons, frosted cookies, and what we call Mexican wedding cookies. The service here is top notch and the food as explained, is beyond amazing. The staff goes over and beyond to make your visit special, bringing your order to your table and ensuring that your meal is one of the best. Overall, we gave Café de Paris 5/5 Perfect Stars and would have given them more if our scale went higher.

We hope you enjoyed a little food for thought, as much as we enjoyed these restaurants. If you would like to add to our list please comment below. As always please feel free to message us if you have any suggestions for places, we may visit the next time we are in the St Petersburg area. If you would like to follow our adventures via videos, check out our YouTube channel (Perfect Misadventures). If pictures are more your thing, look us up on our Instagram (@PerfectMisadventures). We would love for you to follow along, as we search for our next Perfect Misadventure.